Sensors & Gauges & Monitoring and Control Devices

AGS-Industrial supplies a variety of wholesale industrial sensors and gauges, including pressure, temperature, humidity, conductivity, flow, strain gauges; compression load cell, level transmitter, shear beam load pin and more. We stock off-the-shelf wholesale components with various dimensions and specifications. Our industrial gauges and sensors can be used in various applications such as installation on pressure vessels, industrial machinery, gas or liquid lines....etc. We have also wireless versions of some gauges and sensors. Please click on submenus below to select product of interest. If you cannot find the sensors and gauges you are looking for, please contact us and provide us information on your application, specifications, quantities of interest...etc. and we will offer you something suitable.

Pressure Gauges

Temperature Gauges

Strain Gauges

Level Transmitters

Load & Weight Sensors

Humidity Sensors

Conductivity Sensors

Flow Gauges

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Pressure gauges and sensors
Temperature Gauge AGS-Industrial
Load and Weight Sensors
Flow gauges
Humidity Sensors

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