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Mesh & Wire

AGS-Industrial is a supplier of wire and mesh products, including galvanized iron wires, PVC coated iron binding wires, wire mesh, wire net, various types of fencing wires like chain link fence, barbed wire, conveyor belt mesh, metal window screen, gabion wire boxes, perforated metal mesh. Besides our off-the-shelf wire mesh products we do custom manufacture products according to your specifications and needs. We cut to desired size, label and package according to customer requirements. Please click on submenus below to read more about a specific wire & mesh product.

Galvanized Wires / Metal Wires / Barbed Wire

Wire Mesh Filters

Perforated Metal Mesh

Gabion Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Fence & Panels & Reinforcement

Conveyor Belt Mesh

Wire Mesh Window Screen

Customized Wire Mesh Products (Cable Trays, Stirrup....etc.)

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Customized wire mesh
Wire mesh filters from AGS-Industrial
Window screen
Perforated mesh
Wire mesh AGS-Industrial
Galvanized wires from AGS-Industrial
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