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Pressure Gauges

We have a variety of pressure gauges, including General Pressure Gauges, Differential Pressure Gauges, Digital Wireless Pressure Gauges...etc. The case material is generally stainless steel, diameters can vary, window is generally acrylic glass, connection elements and binding tube are from brass, various connection sizes are available, pressure range depends on model of pressure gauge. Display of pressure gauges depends on model and some are high resolution LCD display. Pressure range is selectable on some. Some models have peak value maintaining function, they record the max. pressure value during measuring process. Some have pressure percentage dynamic demonstration. Parameter revision function can revise the gauge's zero error on the spot. Micro power loss function can work over 2 years in the electricity saving mode. Power supply on most pressure gauges is battery. Field installation is easy. Most of our pressure gauges rely on high accuracy piezoresistive pressure sensors. The sensor's output signal is processed and amplified by high accuracy and low temperature coefficient amplifier, and then transferred to A/D switch to transform to digital signal which can be processed by a microprocessor. After processing operation, the pressure gauge will show the actual value of the pressure on its LCD indicator. Most of our pressure gauges have automatic turn-off function after a predetermined time interval (usually minutes). Temperature compensation against fluctuations in temperatures and long term stability is outstanding on our pressure gauges. Operating temperature ranges of our pressure gauges is wide and makes them ideal for use in cold and hot climates.
Application: Measuring pressure of non-corrosive, non-explosive, non-crystalline, non precipitating gases or liquids, such as water,  air. Pressure gauges are widely used in such industries as water and electricity, running water, petroleum, chemical, and machinery, for the measurement and demonstration of fluid medium's pressure.

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