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Humidity Sensors

Humidity is the presence of water in air or other gases. We supply various humidity sensors to measure the amount of humidity. The amount of water vapor in the air can affect many manufacturing processes in industries and may even make like uncomfortable for people and animals. The presence of water vapor also influences various physical, chemical, and biological processes. Therefore humidity measurement in industries is critical because it may affect the business cost of the product and the health and safety of the personnel. Hence, humidity sensors are very important, especially in the control systems for industrial processes and human comfort. Monitoring and controlling humidity levels is of utmost importance in many industrial & domestic applications. In the semiconductor industry, humidity or moisture levels needs to be properly controlled & monitored using highly reliable humidity sensors during wafer processing. In medical applications, humidity control is needed for respiratory equipment, sterilizers, incubators, pharmaceutical processing lines, and for biological products. Humidity control using sensors is also necessary in the chemical gas purification processes, dryers, ovens, desiccation processes, paper and textile production, and food processing. In the agriculture industry, measurement of humidity is important for the protection of plantation, soil moisture monitoring,... etc. In home applications, humidity control is required in buildings, cooking control for microwave ovens,... etc.  In all such applications, humidity sensors are employed to provide an indication of the moisture levels in the environment.

Based on the measurement units, humidity sensors can be divided into two types: Relative humidity (RH) sensors and absolute humidity (moisture) sensors. Humidity sensors use different sensing principles.

Humidity measurements can be done using dry and wet bulb hygrometers, dew point hygrometers, and electronic hygrometers. There has been a surge in the demand for electronic hygrometers, often called humidity sensors. Electronic type hygrometers or humidity sensors can be broadly divided into two categories: humidity sensors employing capacitive sensing principle, and sensors based on resistive effects. Please see our brochures on humidity sensors below.

Temperature Humidity Transmitter 

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