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Work Tools & Equipment

AGS-Industrial is a wholesale supplier of industrial work tools and equipment such as pliers, pincers, files, screwdrivers, chisels, socket sets, wire stripping nippers, wrenches, household and industrial tool kits, various types of saw, work gloves, welding gloves, boots, safety goggles, other protective wear. Our work tools & equipment is widely used in the construction industry, woodworking, auto shops, workshops, machine shops, automotive plants, electricians, painters, warehouses...etc. Work tools and equipment supplied by us are manufactured at ISO16949 or ISO9001 certified production plants and have CE or UL mark and are manufactured according to globally accepted industrial standards.

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Contruction Work Tools

Woodworking Work Tools

Electrician's Work Tools

Automotive Work Tools

Work Tools for Farms and Gardening

Hardware and Safety Tools

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Work Tools & Equipments
Work Tools from AGS-Industrial
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