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Temperature Gauges

We have both standard as well as wireless temperature gauges. Our wireless temperature gauges offer wireless transmission, without the need for any field wiring. Transmission is stable, precision is high, long term stability is high, response times are low in the miliseconds, network maintenance is very little and easy. Wireless digital temperature gauge is constructed from a temperature element, signal processing electric circuit, central processor and wireless communication circuit. This product uses the high capacity high performance lithium battery as power supply, its service life is 1-2 years, does not need any other external power source. Wireless digital temperature gauges realize long-distance real-time monitoring and wireless data transmission without any field wiring, not only saving manpower, but also saving construction costs. Wireless digital temperature gauges are especially suitable for the temperature measurement in open areas or outdoors, where one is unable to provide power source, but need data to carry on live transmission, such as in oil fields, oil wells, heating pipelines, petroleum industry, chemical industry, spinning and weaving, mining, medicine, electric power, environmental protection, municipal administration, food industry as well as scientific research ....etc. Anti-radar and explosive-proof design (Explosive-proof Exia II BT4, Exd II BT4) , suitable for data communication and gathering under poor weather conditions. Stainless steel / aluminum sealed construction makes our  temperature gauges suitable for wet and humid environments. Our temperature gauges are sealed with epoxy resin, this construction makes them have good anti-shock ability and withstand high temperatures, offer high mechanical strength and are suitable for applications in bad working conditions. Thermocouple and thermoresistor temperature ranges vary from model to model. Insertion depths of our wireless temperature gauges vary from tens of milimeters to several meters (or as customer's request). Operating frequency of wireless temperature gauges are generally in the MHz region. Transmitting distances vary in the hundreds of meters. Indicators are dynamic multidigit LCD display in MPa, KPa units ...etc. Operating temperature ranges vary generally between -30~+60°C. Before purchasing, please also check electrical connection type.

Customers brands and logos are accepted. Click links below to download brochures of our temperature gauges.

Thermal Resistor Temperature Transducer UTC1 (-50~+600℃)

Thermal Resistor Temperature Transducer UTC2 (-40~+200℃)

Explosive Proof Temperature Transmitter UTB4

Integrated Temperature Transmitter UTB8

Smart Temperature Transmitter UTB-101

Din Rail Mounted Temperature Transmitters UTB11

Temperature Pressure Integration Transmitter UTB5

Digital Temperature Transmitter UTI2

Intelligent Temperature Transmitter UTI5 

Digital Temperature Transmitter UTI6

Wireless Digital Temperature Gauges UTI7

Electronic Temperature Switch UTS2

Temperature Humidity Transmitter

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