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Filters, Filtration Products

AGS-Industrial supplies filters and filtration materials & products for industrial applications. Products include:

- Planar wire mesh filters made to customer's specifications
- Irregular shaped wire mesh filters made to customer's specifications. 
- Other type of filters such as air, oil, fuel filters.
- Ceramic foam and ceramic membrane filters for various industrial applications in petrochemistry, chemical manufacturing, pharmaceuticals...etc.
- High performance clean room and HEPA filters.

We stock off-the-shelf wholesale filters and filtration products with various dimensions and specifications. We also manufacture and supply filters according to customers specifications. Products comply with CE, UL and ROHS standards.  Please click on the links below to select the filtration product of interest.

Activated Carbon Filters

Ceramic Membrane Filters

Ceramic Foam Filters

HEPA Filters

Coarse Filters & Pre-Filtering Media

Oil, Fuel, Gas, Air and Water Filters

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Various Filters from AGS Industrial
Ceramic Type Filters from AGS Industrial
Air Filter supplier AGS-Industrial
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