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Hardware and Safety Tools

Please CLICK HERE to download our brochure for universal hardware and safety tools.

Some of the universal hardware products you will find in our catalog are:
Eye Bolt Assortment
Washer Assortment
Rivet Assortment
Cotter Pin Assortment
Hose Clip Assortment
Hitch Pin Assortment
Spring Assortment
O-Ring Assortment
Shrinkable Tubing Set
Chipboard Screws
Hexagon Screws and Nuts
Hexagon Flange Nuts
Copper and Plain Washer Assortments
Connection Nuts
Spring Lock Washers
Wood Screws
Threaded Rods
Nylon Nail Anchors
Screw Plug

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
Blind Rivets
Various Types of Hooks
Screw Eyes

Some of the worker's safety tools and protection equipment you will find in our catalog are:
Safety Helmet
Welding Mask
Protective Face Shield
Dust Respirator / Dust Cartridge
Welding Goggle
Safety Goggles
Ear Muff / Ear Plug
Dust Mask
Rain Suit
Reflector Vest / Reflector Coat
Working Gloves
Protective Clothing
Mechanic's Gloves
Garden Gloves
Welding Gloves
Driving Gloves
Knee Pads
Safety Shoes and Boots

PRICE: Depends on model and quantity of order

Since we carry a wide variety of universal hardware products with different dimensions, applications and material; it is impossible to list them here. We encourage you to email or call us so we can determine which product is the best fit for you. When contacting us, please make sure to inform us about:

- Application
- Material grade 
- Dimensions
- Finish
- Packaging requirements
- Labeling requirements
- Quantity

OEM orders are welcome, custom manufacturing of hardware and safety tools is accepted, custom lebeling, marking, packaging is possible, drop shipping also acceptable.  


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