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Electrician's Work Tools

All our electrician's work tools are manufactured in TS16949 or ISO9001 certified plants and have either one of CE or UL mark or both. Our electrician's work tools are ergonomically designed and possess highest standards for safety, versatility, ease of use, reliability, long lifetime.

Please CLICK HERE to download our brochure for electrician's work tools and hardware.

Some of the products you will find in our catalog are:
Electrician's Tools
Pliers, Pincers and Vices
Hammers and Hatchets
Screwdrivers, Bits, Keys
Cutting Tools, Saws, Knives, Scissors
Wire Stripping Nippers, Strippers
Construction Hardware
Building & Woodworking Tools
Connecting and Welding Tools
Lighting Appliances
Pneumatic Tools
Wrenches and Spanners
Sockets and Ratchet Handles
Measuring Tools
Abrasive Tools
Painting Tools
Universal Hardware
Household Ware

Lifting and Transportation Tools
Power Tools
Boxes, Cabinets and Kits
Safety and Protection Equipment

Price of Electrician's Work Tools depends on model and quantity of order.

Since we carry a wide variety of electrician's work tools; it is impossible to list them all here. We encourage you to email or call us so we can determine which product is the best fit for you. When contacting us, please make sure to inform us about:

- Application
- Material grade 
- Dimensions
- Finish
- Packaging requirements
- Labeling requirements
- Quantity

We also invite you to visit our store at for electronic test equipment used by electricians and electronic technicians. We offer test equipment such as ground resistance tester, digital clamp multimeter, digital insulation tester, ground resistance meter, oscilloscope, laser rangefinder, ultrasonic distance meter, angle meter and more.


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