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Galvanized Wires / Metal Wires / Barbed Wire

Such wires are used in numerous applications throughout industry. For example galvanized iron wires are frequently used for binding and attachment purposes, as ropes of considerable tensile strength. These metal wires can be hot dip galvanized and have metallic apearance or PVC coated and be colored. Barbed wire is used for keeping intruders outside of restricted areas. Barbed wires have various razor types. Various wire gauges are available from stock. Long wires including barbed wire come in coils. We may be able to manufacture them at your desired lengths and coil dimensions. Custom labeling and packaging of our Galvanized Wires / Metal Wires / Barbed Wire is possible.


- Metal Wires - Galvanized - Black Annealed - Barbed Wire

- Razor Barbed Wire Brochure

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