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Customized Wire Mesh Products

From wire mesh and perforated metal mesh we can manufacture a variety of custom products such as cable trays, stirrers, Faraday cages, wire baskets and trays, architectural objects, objects of art, steel wire mesh gloves used in the meat industry for protection against injuries...etc. Our customized wire mesh, perforated metals, and expanded metals can be cut to size and flattened for your desired application. Flattened wire mesh is commonly used as machine guards, burner screens, ventilation screens, security screens, liquid drainage screens, ceiling panels and many other applications. We can create customized perforated metals with hole shapes and sizes to meet your project and product requirements. Perforated metals are versatile in their use. We can also provide coated wire mesh. Coatings can improve durability of your customized wire mesh products and also provide a rust resistant barrier. Custom wire mesh coatings available include Powder Coating, Electro-Polishing, Hot-Dipped Galvanizing, Nylon, Painting, Aluminizing, Electro-Galvanizing, PVC, Kevlar,...etc. Whether woven from wire as customized wire mesh, or stamped & punched and flattened from sheet metal as perforated sheets, contact us for your customized product requirements.

- Wire Mesh and Cloth Brochure (includes plenty of information on our customized wire mesh production capabilities)

- Wire Mesh Cable Trays and Baskets Brochure (besides the products in this brochure you can get customized cable trays according to your specifications)

- Wire Mesh Container Quote Design Form (please click to download, fill out and email us)

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