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Coarse Filters & Pre-Filtering Media

Coarse filters and pre-filtering media are used to block large debris. They are of critical importance because they are inexpensive and protect the more expensive higher grade filters from being contaminated with coarse particulates and contaminants. Without coarse filters and pre-filtering media, the cost of filtering would have been much much higher as we would need to change fine filters much more quickly. Most of our coarse filters and pre-filtering media are made of synthetic fibers with controlled diameters and pore sizes. Coarse filter materials include the popular material polyester. Filtering efficiency grade is an important parameter to check for before choosing a particular coarse filter / pre-filtering media. Other parameters and features to check for are whether the pre-filtering media is washable, reusable, resistance against air or fluid flow, rated air flow, arrestance value, dust holding capacity / particulate holding capacity, temperature resistance, flammability, pressure drop characteristics, thickness specification...etc. Contact us for opinion before choosing the right coarse filters & pre-filtering media for your products and systems.

- Wire Mesh and Cloth Brochure (includes information on our wire mesh & cloth filters manufacturing capabilites. Metal and nonmetal wire cloth can be used as coarse filters and pre-filtering media in some applications)

- Air Purification Filters (includes Coarse Filters & Pre-Filtering Media for air)

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