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Wire Mesh Cage Containers

We have a variety of Wire Mesh Cage Containers in stock and can also build them according to your specifications and needs. Our Wire Mesh Cage Containers include products such as:

Stackable Cage Pallets

Foldable Wire Mesh Roll Containers

Foldable Wire Mesh Containers

All our wire mesh cage containers are made of highest quality stainless or mild steel materials and the nonstainless versions are coated against corrosion and decay generally using zinc, hot dip or powder coating. Color of finish is generally zinc: white or yellow; powder according to request. Our wire mesh cage containers are assembled under strict quality control and tested for mechanical impacy, weight carrying capacity, durability, strength and long term reliability. Our wire mesh cage containers conform to international quality standards as well as transportation industry standards. Wire mesh cage containers are generally used as storage boxes & bins, storage carts, transportation carts..etc. When choosing a wire mesh cage container, consider important parameters such as loading capacity, weight of the container itself, dimensions of the grid, exterior and interior dimensions, whether you need a container that folds flat for space-saving shipping and storage and finally how many of a particular container can be loaded in a 20 foot or 40 foot shipping container. The bottom line is wire mesh cage containers are long lasting, economical alternative to disposable packaging. 
Below are downloadable brochures of our wire mesh container products.

- Wire Mesh Container Quote Design Form (please click to download, fill out and email us)

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