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Welding Supplies

Our welding supplies include welding rods, welding & stick electrodes, filler metals, MIG and TIG wires, abrasives used in welding applications, gas welding equipment, welder's gloves and apparel, welding helmets & respirators & eyewear, welding equipment and spare parts,  fume extractors and more.

Different models and versions of our welding supplies exist. Please download by clicking on the links below and examine our brochures and catalogs on welding supplies. You will find abrasives such as wire brushes, carbide burrs, grinding wheels, coated abrasives, cut-off wheels ...etc. used in welding, in our brochures and catalogs you will also find for example TIG wires from stainless steel, mild steel; MIG wire spools from carbon steel, aluminum...etc. We are constantly in an effort to understand our customers needs and to update our product brochures so you are never left without the right product you need in your workshop.

Here are our downloadable brochures for welding supplies:

- Electric Welding Supplies Brochure

- Gas Cutting Welding Equipment Brochure

- Heating Torch Brochure (does contain welding torch, supplies and accessories)

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