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Tubes & Pipes & Hoses

A variety of tubes, pipes and hoses  are available from stock. You can download relevant product brochures by clicking on the highlighted text below. Here are some of the most popular tubes, pipes and hoses we supply:

Silicone Tubes (Clear and Colored)

Tubing (PE, PVC, HDPE, ABS, PP, EPDM and other types)

Plastic and Polymeric Pipes (PE, PVC, HDPE, ABS, PP, EPDM and other types)

Metal Pipes (Copper, Aluminum, Steel...etc.)

Composite Pipes

Hoses (PVC reinforced multilayer gas hoses, knitted-polyester-reinforced, anti-torsion hose....and more)

Different lengths and thicknesses of tubes, pipes and hoses are available, as well as different packings. We also ship cut to desired length if you provide us the preferred length of tubes, pipes and hoses you would like to order. Custom assembly, packaging, labeling, marking of products is available. Also custom extrusion of tubes, pipes and hoses according to your specifications is offered if your purchase quantities are significant.

Please click on the products of interest below to download related brochure. (Put the mouse on name of product and click on it). We do have a wide spectrum of hydraulic and pneumatic tubes, pipes and hoses suitable for various applications.

- Pneumatic Air Tubes - Pipes - Hoses - Reels - Connectors - Splitters - Accessories

- Our Production Capabilities for Medical Tubes / Pipes / Hoses

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