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Stainless and Metal Tanks & Containers

Our stainless and other metal tanks and containers are ideal for storing cream and other fluids. They are ideal for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries among others. They comply with European and American guidelines. AGS-Industrial stainless and metal tanks are easy to clean. These containers have steady basis and can be sanitized with no retention area. We can fit our stainless and metal tanks and containers with all types of accessory parts, such as integration of a washing head. Our containers are pressurizable. They are easily adaptable to your plant and workplace. Working pressures of our containers vary, so make sure to check the specifications. Our aluminum containers and tanks are also very popular in the industry. Some models are mobile with wheels, others are stackable. We have powder, granules and pellets storage tanks. UN approved for transportation of hazardous products. We are capable to custom design and fabricate them according to your needs and specifications. Inner and outer dimensions, wall thicknesses of our stainless and metal tanks & containers can be varied according to your requirements.

Stainless and Aluminum Tanks & Containers

Wheeled Tanks and Containers

Stackable Tanks and Containers

Custom Designed and Fabricated Tanks and Containers

IBC & GRV Tanks 

Powder, Granules and Pellets Storage Tanks

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IBC Tanks and Containers

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