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Solder & Soldering Supplies

Contact us for your soldering supplies. Whether you need soldering supplies for your electronics manufacturing operations or to solder copper pipes or else, we are here to help you. We stock consumables for soldering, including solder wire, solder paste, soldering wick, solder braid / desoldering braids, flux dispensers, flux removers, swabs and applicators, fitting brush; and also devices & tools and equipment & spare parts such as soldering guns and irons, soldering / desoldering stations, prototyping boards, hot knives, solder elements, soldering tips, soldering kits. and other accessories. If you cannot find the right soldering product you are looking for in one of our brochures below, please contact us. We will help you.

Please download our soldering products brochures below:

- Lead Free Solder Products

- Heating Torch Brochure (contains soldering torch, supplies and accessories)

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