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Small Wheels / Caster Wheels

AGS-Industrial supplies small wheels for industrial applications and caster wheels, ball caster wheels, caster wheels with brake. We stock off-the-shelf wholesale wheels with various dimensions and specifications. Our wheels can be used in many industrial applications, such as in conveyors, transmission systems, loading, industrial carts or carriages, in-house short range transportation, furniture...etc. Our small wheels and caster wheels are made of plastic, metals and elastomers. 

1. Size, material and color can be customized as per your request. 
2. Customer design is welcomed and appreciated. Both OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

PRICE: Depends on model and quantity of order

Here you can find our downloadable brochures for small wheels and caster wheels:

- Casters and Small Wheels

Since we carry a wide variety of small wheels and caster wheels with different dimensions, specifications and applications; it is impossible to list them all here. We encourage you to email or call us so we can determine which product is the best fit for you. When contacting us, please make sure to inform us about:

- Application for the small wheels or caster wheels, loads that will be carried / capacity, potential impacts during usage...etc.


- Material needed


- Dimensions, diameter....etc.

- Whether you need fixed or swivel caster wheels ? Whether you prefer caster wheels with top plate or only screw ? With brake or without ?


- Finish


- Packaging requirements


- Labeling requirements


- Quantity

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