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Plastic and Polymer Tanks & Containers

AGS-Industrial supplies tanks & containers from a vast variety of plastic and polymer materials. 
We encourage you to contact us with your request and specify the following so we can quote you the most appropriate product.

- Application
- Material grade
- Dimensions
- Finish
- Packaging requirements
- Quantity


For example FDA approved food grade plastic materials are important for some containers storing beverages, grains, fruit juice....etc. On the other hand, if you need plastic and polymer tanks and containers to store chemicals or pharmaceuticals, chemical the inertness of the plastic material against the content is of utmost importance. Contact us for our opinion. You can also order off-shelf plastic and polymer tanks & containers from our brochures below.

Please click on links below to download our brochures for plastic and polymer tanks and containers:

IBC Tanks and Containers

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