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Hydraulic & Pneumatic Valves

We supply off-the-shelf as well as custom machined hydraulic and pneumatic valves. Common materials we use in making our valves are brass, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum. Our hydraulic and pneumatic valves are designed to operate in demanding environments, ranging from aerospace to mining and military uses. Our products combine reliable and proven designs incorporating latest technologies in a high performance, cost effective and reliable package. A variety of pneumatic and hydraulic valves are available. Some of them are:

- Directional-Control Valves (Check Valves, Directional Spool Valve, Directional Poppet Valves)

- Cartridge Valves

- Pressure-Control Valves (Variable Throttle Valves, Fixed Throttle Valves)

- Valve Manifolds

- Flow-Control Valves (Throttle Valves, Control Valves)

- Electrohydraulic Valves (Servo Hydraulic Valves, Proportional Hydraulic Valves)

- Pneumatic Ball Valves

- Pneumatic Selenoid Valves

- Pneumatic Fieldbus

......and more.

Please click on the products of interest below to download related brochure. (Put the mouse on name of product and click on it). We do have a wide spectrum of hydraulic and pneumatic valves suitable for many applications.

Vickers Series Hydraulic Vane Pumps - Motors - Valves

Rexroth Series Variable Displacement Piston Pumps - Hydraulic Valves - Multiple Valves

 Yuken Series Vane Pumps - Valves

YC Series Hydraulic Valves

Pneumatic Valves

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To find out more about our custom manufacturing, engineering integration and global consolidation capabilities including machining and fabrication of valves, please visit our site:

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