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Equipment to Cut Drill Polish

Please click on the products of interest below to download related brochures. 


Equipment we supply to cut, drill and polish are generally tabletop, compact, small and economical yet efficient, versatile, high return on investment type equipment suitable for hobby, research & development and small scale industrial production.




- Mini Lathe


- Mini Milling Machine


- Ultrasonic Drill


- Mini Hobbing Machine


- Mini Stamping Press


- Mini Laser Cutter


- Mini Waterjet Cutter


- Mini Plasma Cutter





PRICE: Depends on model and quantity of order

Since we carry a wide variety of equipment for cutting, dicing, drilling, lapping, polishing, shaping with different dimensions, applications and material; it is impossible to list them all here. From time to time we introduce also new equipment to the market. We encourage you to email or call us so we can determine which product is the best fit for you. When you contact us, please make sure to inform us about:

- Your application


- Type and grade of material to be processed


- Dimensions of material to be processed


- Finish required after processing

- Quantity / Number of units to be processed per hour or day.

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