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Collapsible Tanks & Containers

Collapsible water tanks and containers are your best choice to store liquid in some applications where plastic barrels and other containers are too small or impractical. Also when you need large amounts of water or liquid quickly without constructing a concrete or metal tank, our collapsible tanks and containers are ideal. We can supply you any size and model and according to your specifications.

General Features of our Collapsible Tanks and Containers:

- Material: PVC 
- Color: Blue,orange,grey,dark green,black,.....etc.
- Capacity: Generally between 200 to 30000 liters

- Light weight, easy operation.
- Minimum packing size, easy for transportation and storage.
- No contamination of water
- High strength of coated fabric, adhesion up to 60 lb/in.
- High strength of the seams is assured with the high frequency melt and sealed with the same polyurethane as the tank body, so the tanks have excellent ability preventing air leakage and its very safe for water.


Applications for Collapsible Tanks and Containers:
· Temporary Storage
· Rainwater Collection
· Residential and Public Storage of Water
· Defense Water Storage Applications
· Water Treatment
· Emergency Storage and Relief
· Irrigation
· Construction companies choose PVC water tanks to test bridge maximum load 
· Fire fighting 

We also accept OEM orders.

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